We pride ourselves in delivering food of excellent quality using as many local ingredients as possible.
Commited to hiring local employees and giving "ALOHA" back to the community.
Creating an environment that brings smiles to people's faces and spreading happiness.
With a heartfelt gratitude for the bounty of nature, we are dedicated to using the food and hospitality business as a means to build a sustainable society in which people can harmoniously coexist with the natural world.


Dell Valdez

MAISEN.US INC. is the production and operation company behind the group of restaurants featuring Executive Chef Dell Valdez.
Valdez honed his skills at renowned restaurants in Hawai’i to gain his talent for crafting dishes with bold and nuanced flavors.
In summer of 2021, he will become Head Chef for first-class flights between Hawai’i and mainland U.S.A. on Hawaiian Airlines, the islands' largest carrier.
He is one of the standard bearers of the Hawaiian culinary industry.

1441 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 910
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
May 2016
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First Hawiian Bank


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